Is diarrhea a symptom of pregnancy?

A seemingly funny question: “Is diarrhea a symptom of pregnancy?” Sometimes it's stupid. In fact, many medical research and seminars have been devoted to this topic.

Is diarrhea a symptom of pregnancy?

A seemingly funny question: “ Is diarrhea a symptom of pregnancy? ”Sometimes it is foolish. In fact, many medical research and seminars have been devoted to this topic. The female body changes during the 9-month pregnancy period. During this period, changes in the functioning of any organ or system are possible.

Diarrhea is primarily a sign of sudden changes in the organism. These changes may include food poisoning, an upcoming or overlooked period, bowel disorder, or pregnancy. Women consider morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy as an inevitable thing - why don't we think diarrhea is another symptom of the "interesting situation"? Its symptoms usually include intestinal and stomach disorders and morning sickness.

Diarrhea - Early Pregnancy

The term " diarrhea as a sign of pregnancy " is often understood as a bowel disorder that affects pregnant women. It begins in response to the rapid development of the fetus or irritation caused by some harmful factors. Diarrhea often manifests in the form of loose bowel movements; feces are usually like a soft paste.

Diarrhea is considered a pathology in male or female patients of any age. But during pregnancy, the approach to it is quite different. Diarrhea becomes a natural part of pregnancy in a certain period.

Diarrhea can also be a symptom of some infectious diseases. In the future, the mother should consult a doctor - only a professional can determine the nature of the pathology and diagnose whether it is dangerous. It will affect the entire course of pregnancy and the clearance of the problem.

Doctors have agreed that diarrhea is not a cause for concern during pregnancy. Deviations in the functioning of the digestive system can be recognized by constipation, not diarrhea. The physiology and anatomy of any woman is unique.

The increased uterus during pregnancy is tightly attached to the abdominal structures and presses each other. If this is as uncomfortable as the symptom, when the uterus reaches the navel level in the 24 th week.

Most future mothers begin to suffer from diarrhea as soon as the missed period comes. The disorder is short-term, the female body quickly adapts to the new condition and hormonal settings. There is no need to visit a medical professional if there is no pain, high temperature and other unpleasant sensations. Diarrhea is a normal condition in early pregnancy.

Is Diarrhea A Symptom Of Pregnancy?

The first signs of pregnancy are, of course, morning sickness and an overlooked period. Many women make a mistake thinking that diarrhea means that it has finally conceived. But if the pregnancy test shows the second line, you should listen to the signals sent by your body!

Causes of diarrhea:

  • Digestive disorder;
  • Inflammation in the intestine;
  • Unhealthy eating;
  • Insufficient number of active enzymes;
  • Heavy meals and intestinal obstruction;
  • Urogenital diseases;
  • dyspepsia;
  • Promotion of products that you are not used to your diet.

If diarrhea is severe, if nausea and high body temperature are accompanied, consult your healthcare provider. Bad decisions bring harm to the future mother and her unborn child, which makes pregnancy difficult. Your health is now your top priority. It is very important to get the necessary advice and advice on treatment.

Should I Worry?

Medical professionals point out one of the earliest signs of pregnancy:

  • A missed period;
  • Nausea;
  • Morning discomfort.

90% of women experience it before they know they are expecting these symptoms. The absence of monthly periods with morning sickness is not always a harbinger of pregnancy, but it is often true. If the symptoms are short-term, come and go, and the woman often feels good, you don't have to worry. All future mothers complain about digestive disorders. Just take a look at forum topics and comments on websites dedicated to pregnancy and parenting.

Unfortunately, there are cases when nausea and diarrhea, with the absence of period, are alarm bells that need immediate attention:

  • Swollen face or legs;
  • High or low blood pressure;
  • Sudden common discomfort, weakness, dizziness;
  • Pain in the lower abdomen pain.

Do not wait until the condition gets much worse or self-medicated. There is no problem with an extra visit to your healthcare provider.

What measures are effective against diarrhea?

If diarrhea does not cause discomfort, does not accompany the above-mentioned symptoms, there is no cause for concern. The problem usually disappears on its own. But frequent bowel movements and the necessity to visit the bathroom are disturbing. So you can relax your riot gut with the help of the following advice:

  • Do not eat liquid food: no soup! They cause bowel movement and bowel movements are more frequent.
  • Eat only fresh fruits and vegetables and stay away from salty and spicy products.
  • Rice is a great remedy for diarrhea. Maybe not your favorite food, but it's really effective!
  • Try fresh or baked pears.
  • Increase fluid intake. Mineral water, compotes, fruit drinks will make you very good.
  • Get absorbent carbon.

Diarrhea and a missed period are usually evidence of a normal course of pregnancy. Is diarrhea a symptom of pregnancy? Some health professionals say - yes. You should listen to your body every day and, if possible, write every new or strange feeling in a diary. Someone may think this is ridiculous, but the health of the baby depends on the behavior of the mother during pregnancy. A pregnancy can help your gynecologist when it comes to watching how your pregnancy is going. It is quite difficult to keep everything in mind.


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